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About Melissa

My transformative journey as an intuitive healer took root in a powerful and spontaneous Kundalini awakening. In my own life path with a backdrop of high-trauma experiences, I’ve learned the incredible power of healing and personal growth. This profound experience catalyzed my exploration of the intricate domains of spiritual wellness and holistic healing. Hailing from the Netherlands, over the years I have been called by the higher power to visit energetic locations, including Tulum • Mexico and Bali • Indonesia and Maui • Hawaii. Currently, I am expanding my horizons while offering healings on Ibiza • Spain.

Moreover, I'm deeply aware of the challenges many face on their healing journey. It is my heartfelt mission to ensure that healing is accessible to every beautiful soul, regardless of their means. I firmly believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to rediscover their true, healed self through the incredible power of intuitive healing.

Intuitive healing session

Intuitive healing is an all-encompassing approach that addresses emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. During our session I work alongside my guides to determine the most supportive healing method for your unique health issues. I use various healing modalities including Reiki, Light Language, Chakra Healing, Accupuncture or Psychic Surgery. I let spirit work directly through me and they show exactly where you may have blocks, traumas, stuck or stagnant energy, and imbalances. Together we create an energetic shift in your system, so that everything that no longer serves you can be released.

Feedback from my clients

Annabel T

After struggling for years to improve my health and receiving no answers from countless doctors, I made the decision to book a session with a intuitive healer. That's when I discovered Melissa and her extraordinary healing and intuitive abilities.

Amy K

Melissa is a phenomenal intuitive healer. She helped me to step into my power and take charge of my mind, body, and spiritual health. She gave me so many tools to utilize for my personal healing and growth. Thank you so much.

DuGlass H

I highly recommend healing sessions with Melissa. She's calm, kind, highly intuitive and professional. I am grateful to her for energetically clearing a stubborn pain that I was experiencing. The relief was immediate and has not returned.

Green Plants

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